• Courses is divided into 8 levels (1-6 are Basic Levels, 7, 8 Advanced Level)
   All course material will be provided by the centre
• Each level is of 3 months
• Duration of classes is 2 hours in a week
• Classes conducted once in a week
• Student-Teacher’s ratio 15:1.
• It is very important not to miss any class and also do the homework properly and practice at home for 10 to 15 minutes each day.

Time Duration of the Course may vary due to:

• Age of the Child
• Grasping level of the Child
• Child is regular to the class or not.
• Child does H.W. regularly or not etc.


• Daily practice at home for about 10-15 minutes. Always keep track of time and note your speed while doing these sums.
• Write the exercise neatly and clearly
• Always complete home practice in time.
• Concentrate and do all the dictated sums carefully


• Help your child to be punctual in attending classes
• Help and guide your child not to miss a single class
• The daily home practice given to the child is necessary to enhance the skills of the child.
• Help your child to complete the daily home practice in about 10-15 minutes willingly.
• Advise the child to not to be playful in the classes.